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We will be introducing new brands to our customers. Within a 15 mile radius, there arewomen aged with a growth projection ofby The Lingerie Store, Inc.

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From to 1, post-card mailings will be sent out on a monthly basis. Management is currently building a number of proprietary marketing and pricing models to help ensure the continued success of the Company.

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Related Posts. Make sure you train staff to properly size women so that she is sold the correct size bra. On-going use of direct marketing: Direct mail will target a portion of the trade area defined as a 15 mile radius on a monthly basis.

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Bridal shops to share customers. Brides A common psychographic component that we are planning to target amongst all three groups is the Intimate Apparel Enthusiast IAE. However, in recent years, introduction of some international brands like Lace Petals, Romance Culture, La Senza and Blush Lingerie have brought the locals out of their shell and have captured the market from online stores. Bridal showers--By special arrangement, clair de lune will offer space and catering for bridal showers with incentives to purchase merchandise. This exciting endeavor will bring a needed women's intimate apparel store to the metro area, expanding the second year to include mastectomy products. Through it all, my obsession with lingerie never wavered, so I decided to stay in the industry I love while trying my hand at my own business. She has appeared in her local Sony, LOreal, and Mitsubishi advertisements. Of course, you would want to avoid a location that already has a lingerie store located close by. Understand clair de lune's target customer to ensure that the correct product mix is available to meet their needs. Part of what you need to do to create awareness is to print handbills and drop it off in strategic places where people can easily pick it. And that is only looking at expenditures within that five mile radius. Teens often have media created tendencies; they are avid readers of fashion magazines. This bodes well for a store like La Perla which is selling the type of lingerie that is a desired luxury rather than a necessity. Doe has more than 10 years of experience in the retail industry. Consumer awareness of proper bra fitting has been on the increase for the last eight years.

If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where they have a good shopping mall, then you should do all it takes to secure a store in the mall. The fact that there is a La Senza franchise in a close by mall, across the street, is considered a positive.

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6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Own Lingerie Business