The beauty and nature of the philippines essay

The crop also features among the primary source of livelihood for the population.

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It was like a magic eye staring into the fingerprint of the earth. The Filipinos lay a lot of emphasis on education since it is the surest way of gaining upward mobility. The Paradise Island is a very proud of its humble beginnings. The other months of the year could bring on tropical storms that may interfere with your vacation, but you can enjoy all its beauty at much more affordable rates. You can leave a comment down below! Meaning, some people still can evaded government upon opposing a particular law. I will never forget the fresh smell of the air when we stepped off the airplane. Also, go for a hike up Mount Luho to catch a glimpse of the eagles and experience a breathtaking panoramic view of the island. Real charity should be done in this way-- a direct help to the poor, an influential step toward solving the problem of poverty. I liked the tide being out as well, with all the boats helpless. Most of the people that have some form of employment rely on agriculture, fishing and forestry.

The most unique country when it comes to culture because of the blending cultures from Europe and America. These influences set it apart from the other nations or cultures.

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Beer in hand, you can dance on the sand with a few brilliant fireflies. From November to May, Baguio becomes a tropical paradise.

The beauty and nature of the philippines essay

One day, in order to keep a promise I had made, I saw myself forced to enter. The Subic Bay Leisure Zone, 37,acre virgin triple canopy rainforest with wildlife and rare marine life, is a destination one should not miss.

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Filipino Culture is vey influenced by the Spanish conquest. The process begins by husking the dry grains of rice off the splintery grass.

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ESSAY: The Philippines