The trip that changed my life essay

It put me where I am now and has fundamentally and radically changed my outlook on life.

an event that changed my life essay

In this place I found my inspiration. If you have a travel blog and want to join in, do the following: Add your blog to the linkup, using the link below.

Where did you go and what was so life-changing about the trip? Today, looking back I have found out a lot more about the divorce and have realized some things.

the journey that changed me essay

The trip as a whole was fun and interesting but this also means that there is a danger the true meaning could be lost in the smiles and happy memories. For some strange reason she felt as if she had never been as happy as in that moment.

Here you can check out the matching photo blog post from this specific trip and here you can read the blog post in German.

an experience that changed my life example
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Essay about The Trip That Changed My Life