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The volume of the work to be produced Instead of having the student write a complete set of notes, provide a partial outline to fill in. Next we graduate to a composition book and fat pencils. It is not necessary to know the specific type of Dysgraphia in order to determine and implement successful solutions. Headphones are usually included. This is especially true of bright students who have so much to say and no way to communicate it adequately in writing. Develop cooperative writing projects where students play different roles such as the brainstormer, organizer of information, writer, proofreader, and illustrator. Symptoms, in actuality, may vary in presentation from what is listed here. Find a favorite pen or pencil and then get more than one like that. Though she might not see the point of changing her grip, the correct grip will reduce hand fatigue and pencil pressure — meaning writing will be easier and less painful. Depending on the type of dysgraphia — spatial, motor, or dyslexic — occupational therapy can also be helpful. Students with dysgraphia take longer to form words and letters — or even fill in bubbles on a multiple choice exam — meaning that extra time will reduce stress and allow them to more successfully demonstrate what they know. Some children may have more than one type of Dysgraphia. We thank Wikipedia for their excellent article. Use paper or writing instruments of different colors.

The goal of your instruction is to make sure your kids are competent writers and able to express themselves well.

Consider grading each stage separately. It is also very possible for a person to be Dysgraphic without showing evidence of any other disabilities. Pencil grips, bold-lined paper, or other tools can help adults with dysgraphia manage the physical process of writing.

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This shortens homework time, takes stress off your child, and forces him to look ahead to the next sentence and plan his thoughts accordingly. Discuss with the student and parents the possibility of working after school with the teacher if the student seems unable to meet an approaching deadline.

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How about you? Finger tapping speed a method for identifying fine motor problems is normal. Occupational therapy might include manipulating different materials to build hand and wrist strength, running letter formation drills, and practicing cursive writing, which can be easier than printing. Here are several ways you can accomplish that: — Teach typing. This is more common in languages such as English and French which are less phonetic than a language such as Spanish. Get some low odor dry erase pens in fun colors and have your child write his letters here for some time. Structuring Alternative Assignments Give dysgraphic students the opportunity to substitute an oral report or visual assignment for a written one. Reduce length requirements on written assignments, stressing quality over quantity. You know your child best. It is not necessary to know the specific type of Dysgraphia in order to determine and implement successful solutions. Writing is often slanted due to holding a pen or pencil incorrectly. Pencil grips, bold-lined paper, or other tools can help adults with dysgraphia manage the physical process of writing. For dyslexia, this would be teaching and reviewing with an Orton-Gillingham based reading program. For big projects, students can use Ghostline poster board, which is lined with a light grid. Whenever possible, oral communication should be prioritized over written communication.

The template can work with worksheets as well. This struggle is affected by a variety of skill deficits including: poor motor processing skills poor fine motor skills and visual spatial weaknesses Read this post for more signs of dysgraphia. Look for keyboarding instruction programs that address the needs of learning-disabled students.

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This frustration can cause the child or adult a great deal of stress and can lead to stress related illnesses. So in the early years, I limit handwriting primarily to during handwriting instruction. Headphones are usually included. Lexical Dysgraphia Lexical Dysgraphia is evidenced when a person can spell but relies on standard sound-to-letter patterns with misspelling of irregular words. You know your child best. This program is highly multi-sensory, beginning with the types of strokes that make up each letter. Most students with Dysgraphia have a mixed form of this disorder. Remove neatness and spelling as grading criteria for some assignments, or design assignments to be evaluated on specific parts of the writing process. This type of Dysgraphia is very rare in children. Spatial Dysgraphia Spatial Dysgraphia is due to a defect in the understanding of space.

Cut out a space where the name, date, and assignment should go and model it next to the cut-out.

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Assistive Technology for Dysgraphia and Writing Disabilities